Monthly Tips – July

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Mercer County Horticultural Activities and Expectations

Click a month button above to view a list of possible problems you might find in your home, landscape or garden during that month and also see a list of suggested “To Do” items:

Things to Do This Month:

  • maintain high mowing heights on lawns
  • sow seeds for biennials, such as Canterbury bells, wallflower, sweet William
  • divide and replant iris
  • prune climbing roses when flowers fade
  • pinch chrysanthemums for last time by mid month
  • no pruning or fertilizing woody plants after July 15
  • apply imidacloprid or halofenozide for grub prevention in lawn, if needed
  • start spraying early in month for powdery mildew, if needed

Things to Watch for This Month:

  • heat and drought stress – overwatering may also be a problem
  • deer tick nymph activity
  • dog tick nymph peak activity
  • Lone star tick nymph activity
  • June, Japanese, Oriental and Asiatic garden beetle peak activity
  • increasing yellowjacket and hornet activity
  • cinch bug injury (continues in hot dry years)
  • tomato fruit set problems in very hot weather
  • first evidence of blossom end rot on tomatoes in dry years
  • slime molds appear in mulch and turf
  • stinkhorns and other fungi appear in mulch
  • air pollution injury to plants