Monthly Tips – June

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Mercer County Horticultural Activities and Expectations

Click a month button above to view a list of possible problems you might find in your home, landscape or garden during that month and also see a list of suggested “To Do” items:

Things to Do This Month:

  • plant hot weather vegetables, including lima beans
  • divide and transplant bearded iris
  • remove yellowed spring bulb foliage
  • dig and replant or store spring bulbs while the foliage marks their location
  • “June drop” occurs with apple – thin excess young fruit on fruit trees (early)
  • apply second fertilization to shrubs at end of month (if needed)
  • apply imidacloprid or halofenozide for grub prevention if needed
  • control bagworm while small if needed
  • plant zucchini seeds again late in month if vine borer a problem

Things to Watch for This Month:

  • lone star tick nymphs, deer tick nymphs, and adult dog ticks
  • carpenter bees
  • 2nd generation birch leaf miner
  • lined acrobatic ants
  • fall webworm webs in trees
  • flea beetles on eggplant
  • ground nesting bees: plasterer, andrenid
  • blackfly and gnats (begin to plague people outdoors)
  • many types of scale crawlers
  • spider mites on many plants
  • black vine weevil injury appears on new growth of rhododendron, etc.
  • four lined plant bug
  • Japanese beetles and other scarabs emerge (end of month)
  • lacebug injury starting to show
  • eriophyid mite injury starting to show on ornamentals
  • damage from spruce mites evident (mites active in cool spring and fall weather)
  • end of termite reproductive swarms (generally)
  • fire blight in evidence on apple, pear, etc.
  • stress in lawns in shady areas
  • evidence of winter injury shows with first heat stress
  • yellow nutsedge in turf (begin control mid-month or in July if using halsulfuron)
  • damage from spring leaf spotting disease evident (no control now)
  • cinch bug injury starts in hot dry years