Monthly Tips – May

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Mercer County Horticultural Activities and Expectations

Click a month button above to view a list of possible problems you might find in your home, landscape or garden during that month and also see a list of suggested “To Do” items:


Things to Do This Month:

  • watch for explosion of insects in yard
  • plant warm weather vegetables and annuals, generally after Mother’s Day
  • plant summer blooming bulbs (early to mid)
  • plant snap beans
  • check for European pine sawfly emergence (early)
  • apply broadleaf weed control on lawns if needed
  • apply post-emergence crabgrass control if needed
  • apply birch leaf miner control if needed
  • apply gypsy moth control if needed
  • apply imidacloprid or halofenozide for grub prevention if needed (late)

Things to Watch for This Month:

  • deer tick nymph peak activity (late May into early June)
  • Lone star tick nymph peak activity (May into July)
  • dog tick larval peak activity (May into June). adult peak activity (May)
  • annual bluegrass (turf weed) in seed
  • March fly activity
  • carpenter bees
  • Andrenid ground nesting bees