Monthly Tips – October

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Mercer County Horticultural Activities and Expectations

Click a month button above to view a list of possible problems you might find in your home, landscape or garden during that month and also see a list of suggested “To Do” items:

First Frost on or about October 15

Things to Do This Month:

  • bring in houseplants (early)
  • band trees for fall cankerworm (early)
  • bring in summer bulbs for storage
  • plant spring bulbs
  • plant garlic (late)
  • harvest mature green tomatoes for ripening indoors before first frost
  • Turf
    • complete seeding by October 15th
    • Don’t worry: zoysia turns tan with first frost
  • handpick bagworms sacks off juniper, arborvitae, Colorado blue spruce, and other plants
  • control hemlock woolly adelgid

Things to Watch for This Month:

  • deer tick adult peak activity (to early December)
  • winged yellow ants
  • boxelder bugs on sunny exterior walls trying to get into the house
  • western conifer seed bug trying to overwinter in house
  • Asian lady beetles trying to overwinter in house
  • normal yellowing and dropping of white pine needles
  • osage orange (green-brain) fruit found along roadsides
  • leaf-loss on weeping figs a couple of weeks after being brought indoors