Monthly Tips – September

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Mercer County Horticultural Activities and Expectations

Click a month button above to view a list of possible problems you might find in your home, landscape or garden during that month and also see a list of suggested “To Do” items:

Things to Do This Month:

  • Turf
    • establish turf by sodding or seeding
    • renovate turf as needed
    • fertilize turf
    • control grubs (Dylox and other products)
    • aerate and dethatch as needed
  • bring houseplants indoors before heat is turned on for the winter
  • plant evergreens (early)
  • finish fall transplanting of perennials
  • control spruce mites
  • control crickets as needed
  • control peach tree borers (mid-month)
  • poison ivy control with Roundup
  • begin poinsettia night treatments on September 20th (continue for 40 days) (most new varieties do not need special treatment, only no supplemental light at night, to color up)
  • buy spring blooming bulbs as soon as they are available

Things to Watch for This Month:

  • dog tick adult peak activity
  • lone star tick larvae
  • large numbers of spiders
  • artillery (sphaerobolus) fungus globules on house, plants, etc.
  • mice starting to move into house for winter
  • any injury that occurred during the summer now becoming apparent
  • fall chrysanthemums bloom
  • leaves of established grape hyacinths emerging from ground