Terrariums – Gardens Under Glass

Terrariums bring plants together in clear containers to create a miniature ecosystem. Rutgers Master Gardeners will demonstrate how to select the best containers, soils, plants and accents for your terrarium and provide practical maintenance tips and imaginative ideas for bringing a bit of nature indoors.

This program is free.

Pre-registration is recommended 

Register by email at: rmgofmcprograms@gmail.com


by phone at: 609 989-6830



Falling into Place: Fall Tasks to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter


Photo by Betty Scarlatta

Another gardening season has come to a close, but there are still a few things left to do before it’s time to hang up your trugs and trowels till spring.  And while it may be tempting to just call it quits, getting around to some of these tasks now will make your gardening life easier in the spring –when your list of garden to-do’s will be even longer than it is at this time of year. So grab a sweatshirt, pull on your warm hat – -and get on out there! Continue Reading →